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About Pina BaLev

Pina Balev Inn is located in Old Rosh Pina and is the perfect place for a meeting of hearts.

Kobi Kuperberg, a successful businessman from Boston, felt a deep connection with Israel and its sources for many years. Kobi is a pioneer in the field of luxury hospitality, and he has restored an old farmhouse that was built by Baron Edmond de Rothschild, and turned it into a pearl of hospitality with five splendid quality guest suites, thus creating the beautiful and romantic Pina Balev Inn.

In Hebrew, Pina Balev means “a corner in one’s heart,” and that’s just what Pina Balev is. It’s located in the heart of Old Rosh Pina, on a large tract of land overlooking the enchanting landscape of the Golan Heights, Mount Hermon, the Hula Valley and the Galilee. The private and splendid suites are designed in romantic style and equipped with the best and most modern facilities.


Pina Balev is the perfect spot for couples seeking a romantic, tranquil and enchanted ambiance. Every suite is uniquely designed. Feeling romantic in the Honeymoon Suite, loving in the Orchard Suite, Relaxing in the Canaan Mountain Suite and enjoying yourself in the vast Royal Suite, with a panoramic view that you can enjoy from every spot inside the suite, as well as from the private panoramic balcony.

Pina Balev’s splendid and romantic suites are situated amid lush greenery and dreamy gardens with tranquil inviting seating nooks and a pool fed by spring water from the Old Rosh Pina wadi.

Pina Balev’s special suites are just the place for true romance and are intended for couples and small families. We invite you to come for a romantic dream vacation, celebrate a birthday and enjoy prestigious and welcoming hospitality at Pina Balev Inn in Old Rosh Pina.

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