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Pina-Balev Policy


The RIKSHA LTD doing business as PINA-BALEV INN provides its services to you at its website at and ("Website") subject to the terms set out in these Terms and Conditions ("this Agreement"). This Agreement forms part of and should be read in conjunction with PINA-BALEV'S "Privacy Policy" and Reservation Form found at the Website.

By using the Website you agree, without limitation or qualification to all of the terms set out in this Agreement, the Reservation Form and the Privacy Policy.

PINA-BALEV INN reserves the right to change from time to time any of the terms in this Agreement by general notice on the Website, and by using the Website you agree in advance to accept such changes. This Agreement may not be otherwise amended.


PINA-BALEV INN website provides information and reservation service at its Website allowing you to reserve a room at PINA-BALEV INN subject to availability and other terms and conditions set out in this Agreement and to provide offers or promotions ("Promotions") on the Website ("Service").

You acknowledge that the Service provided to you is not fault free and relies on factors outside the control of PINA-BALEV INN. The Service is provided to you at such times and by such means as PINA-BALEV INN decides from time to time. Registration Obligations

By PINA-BALEV INN providing the Service to you, you agree to provide accurate and up to date information as requested and keep that information up to date and accurate.


All room rates set out on the Website ("Rates") are per room per night based on single or double occupancy, unless otherwise stated.

All Rates mentioned does not include VAT. Tourists entering Israel using B2/B3/B4 visa are exempt from VAT on accommodation services. Rates on special Promotions and hotel packages are subject to limited availability and may not be available every night. In addition, these rates may not be applicable in conjunction with other promotions, group or conference bookings

The Rates may increase without notice due to changes in, or imposition of new government charges, taxes or levies.


The Rates are subject to changes without notice.

The Rates only apply to reservations made at the Website.

Guarantee Reservation and Cancellation Policy

Once your reservation is confirmed your credit card will be used as a form of guarantee for the reservation. Any cancellation will need to be received by PINA-BALEV INN 7 days prior to arrival. Failure to do so may result in a penalty charge processed through to your credit card to the value equal to 1 night's room rate or 50% of your total reservation sum, the larger sum between them. Failure of arrival without notice will result in a full charge.


Booking  more than two  rooms is considered a group reservation and requires a down payment of 10% of the total transaction


In case of cancellation up to 15 days before arrival the down payment  will be returned in full.


Cancellation within two weeks (14 days) 

from the date of the hospitality, will result in a non- refund of the 10% down payment.



PINA-BALEV INN may make information regarding Promotions available on the Website .The Promotions are subject to any specific terms and conditions set out in each Promotion in addition to the terms and conditions set out in this Agreement .

PINA-BALEV INN reserves the right to change, modify or withdraw any Promotion at any time .

Prohibited Use

By using the Service you agree that you shall not :

a. use the Website for a purpose that is unlawful or prohibited under this Agreement ;

b. disrupt or interfere with the Service or servers or networks connected to the

Service ;

c. use any information for commercial reasons; and

d. modify, copy, transmit, display, reproduce, publish, create derivative works from, transfer or sell any information on the Website .

Suspension of Service

PINA-BALEV INN may from time to time without notice modify, discontinue or suspend the Service and you acknowledge that PINA-BALEV INN will not be liable for any suspension, modification, discontinuance or termination of the Service at any time and for any reason whatsoever .

Changes to the Service

You acknowledge that PINA-BALEV INN reserves the right to change or modify the products, services and programs described at the Website at any time without notice and without liability .

Limitations on Liability

You acknowledge that :

a .PINA-BALEV INN or its suppliers are not liable to you or any other person for any cost, loss or liability (including loss or profit or other consequential damage) arising out of or in connection with the provision of the Service, any information or material issued on the Website or for any other matter arising out of or in connection with this Agreement ;

b .PINA-BALEV INN provides the Service on an "as is" basis and without any warranty or condition expressed or implied. To the extent permitted by law, PINA-BALEV INN and its suppliers disclaim all implied warranties and conditions, including without limitation implied warranties and conditions on title, merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement; andIndemnity

You agree to indemnify PINA-BALEV INN and its affiliates, officers ,employees and agents harmless from any claim or demand made by any third party arising out of or in connection with your breach of this Agreement .


The Service may provide links to other websites. As PINA-BALEV INN has no control over the linked website, you acknowledge that PINA-BALEV INN is not responsible or liable, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused or alleged to be caused by or in connection with reliance on such information or material contained on the linked website .


The material used and displayed on the Website for the provision of the Service
including but not limited to text, software, photographs ,graphics, illustrations and artwork of video, music, sound and names ,logos/trademarks are the property of

PINA-BALEV INN or its licensors and are protected under copyright and other laws and you agree not to use such materials without PINA-BALEV'S prior written

consent .

Wikipedia copyright and the free license terms GNU

Some photos and text are taken from Wikipedia. Clicking on these photos leads to the full information about the photographer and the terms of use. All the photos and text from Wikipedia are under the Wikipedia copyright and the free lisence terms GNU .


You cannot assign your rights under this Agreement or any other agreement with PINA-BALEV INN without the prior written consent of PINA-BALEV INN .

Governing Law

This Agreement is governed by the laws of Israel and the parties submit to the jurisdiction of the Israeli Courts .

No Agency

You and PINA-BALEV INN are independent contractors and no agency ,partnership, joint venture or employee-employer or any other relationship is intended or created by this Agreement .

Entire Agreement

This Agreement, the Reservation Form and the Privacy Policy sets out the entire understanding and agreement between us .

Failure to Act

The failure by PINA-BALEV INN to act with respect to a breach by you or others does not waive PINA-BALEV INN rights to act with respect to any other breaches .

No Guarantee

PINA-BALEV INN does not guarantee continuous and uninterrupted access to the

Services and operation of the Website due to numerous factors which may occur outside PINA-BALEV'S control .

Check in and Check out times

Check in time is 15:00 PM, check out time is 11:00 AM

Our Treatments Fees

Swedish Massage

This is the most popular and known type of massage. The primary technique used is rubbing the muscles with revitalising massage oils in long gliding strokes to relax the whole body, improve blood circulation and ease tensions.  Modesty is always respected (treatment is usually in the nude whilst the body is covered by sheets and only the area that is being treated is exposed).

  60 MIN /75 MIN
    280 ₪/330 ₪

Aromatherapy Massage 

Usually a Swedish or deep tissue massage where the massage oil has been blended with essential oils such as lavender, peppermint or geranium to affect your mood and alleviate pain. Aromatherapy massage is at its best when the therapist uses high quality, therapeutic essential oils blended to address your specific need. This can be hard to find in a commercial spa setting; one is therefore probably better off with a private practitioner specifically trained in aromatherapy massage.

60 MIN /75 MIN

280 ₪/330 ₪

Deep Tissue Massage

Uses many of the same movements and techniques as Swedish massage, but the therapist will work the deeper tissue structures of the muscle and fascia (connective tissue). It is also a more focused type of massage, as the therapist works to release chronic muscle tension or knots called adhesions. Many people expect deep tissue massage to be an hour of intense pressure and pain, but this is counterproductive.

60 MIN /75

MIN 280 ₪/330 ₪


An integration of techniques including basic Swedish massage, aromatherapy, reflexology, shiatsu, energy balancing, and craniosacral therapy, along with other modalities in conjunction with instruction in nutrition, meditation and yoga.
The term Myomassology was coined by Irene Gauthier to describe her combined work of Swedish massage, craniosacral therapy, reflexology and body mechanics.




60 MIN /90 MIN.

280 ₪ /380 ₪

Hot Stones Massage

A specialty massage that utilizes smooth heated stones to re-balance the body's energy and help release muscles that are tight. The stones used are often a black volcanic rock (basalt) that absorbs and retains heat well, but other stones are utilized as well. The heat is deeply relaxing.

60 MIN /90 MIN

325 ₪ /390 ₪



A treatment that works on the key pressure points of the feet to help relax.

The theory behind reflexology is that there are "reflex points" in the feet, hands and ears that relate to specific organs and glands in the body. Practitioners believe that stimulating those reflex points in the feet can promote health and relaxation in the corresponding organs through the body's energetic pathways.


45 MIN/60 MIN

220 ₪ / 280 ₪



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