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Lovingly prepared by Kobi and the staff.

Includes homemade sourdough nut bread kneaded by hand Boutique cheeses from a local dairy, home-smoked salmon, homemade granola and the house jams made by Kobi from the fruit grown in Rosh Pina’s orchards

A fruit and vegetable platter and more

This dream of a meal is served to the guests in the seating corner of their suite or in the gardens.

קרא עוד

Our breakfast starts at our home’s kitchen. The staff and members of the family each have their responsivities in making either the salad, fruit or dips. Presentation is important to us, we believe it is as essential to the success of our breakfast as its taste and flavours.  As the Hebrew proverb goes we “eat with our eyes”.


All out plates, platters, granola goblets and other serving dishes are hand made by Liat, a potter and Kobi’s partner. Handmade in Liat’s Pottery Studio and burnt in Liat’s kiln.

The Ingredients

Most of the dishes we serve at our breakfast are locally sourced in the Galilee. The bread is made by a boutique Galilean bakery. The jam is home made in our kitchen, made from pure fresh fruit that is harvested by the local orchards. The vegetables are grown with love by the local farmers.
Served with love from the Galilee straight into your table at Pina Balev.


A wicker basket full of goodies is delivered to your suite (or veranda or anywhere in the garden where you wish to dine) with luxurious table linen. We set the table up for you, all that is left to do is enjoy the moment and rejoice.

The Meal

The majority of the meal is a big platter containing various high quality dips, butter, a selection of hard cheeses and slices of smoked salmon. The jam is cooked from 100% fresh local fruit and is made with love and enthusiasm. Our artisan bread is hand kneaded with cereals and wholemeal flour; it is freshly baked on premises so it arrive at your table hot, fresh and crispy.
The omelettes are served in pottery dishes specifically designed to retain heat.
For the salad we always use a fresh supply of salad ingredients complemented by a home-made vinaigrette dressing on the side.
The granola is homemade, also in our home’s kitchen. We have been using this traditional recipe for years. We serve the granola with yoghurt in a glass vase. The fruit platter is cut from seasonal fresh fruit; it is aesthetically cut and vividly displayed.

And of course, we serve fresh natural juice.

Bon appetit!

הצהרת נגישות
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