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Day trips in Galilee and Golan Heights

Rosh Pina’s Valley
Ideas for an excursion whilst staying at Pina Balev. A combination of one the most beautiful walking routes in the country with spectacular flora and overnight stay at Pina Balev, an officially acclaimed B&B in Rosh Pina.
Mountainous Jordan River
Ideas for an excursion whilst staying at Pina Balev. Combine a walk or a ride in the Jordan River’s stunning landscapes with an overnight stay in the acclaimed B&B in Rosh Pina, Pina Balev.
Safed (Zfat)
One of the four holy cities of Israel along with Jerusalem, Hebron and Tiberius. The ancient city is renowned as the centre of Kabbalah (Jewish mysticism). A magical city made of legends and craftsmanship, deeply immersed in air of holiness and mystery…
Ein Tina Nature Reserve
A recommended walking route in the Rosh Pina area. Pina Balev’s suite’s guests are invited to combine a tour of natural wild landscapes with an overnight stay at the prestigious Pina Balev.
Nahal (River) Amud Nature Reserve
Rosh Pina’s boutique hotel Pina Balev invites you to spoil yourself in one of our five suites. Those who brave taking a journey back in time will find Nahal Amud nature reserve just one of those places.
Adventure / Outdoor Activities in the Galilee
Rosh Pina’s Pina Balev’s is the ideal base location for excursions in the Galilee and the north of Israel. Our guests are able to take advantage of our ideal location to explore and enjoy sites and activities on daily excursions, and at the end of the day return to their luxurious Suite, which is a short distance away.
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