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The Secret Garden

Behind a little stained glass gate hides away a spectacular and surprising world of a huge orchard full of herbs, flora, ancient cypress, orange, eucalyptus and olive trees, pebbled paths and singing birds. Lie in the hammock and enjoy the tranquillity or dip into a good book on one of the reclining chairs.

The Hall of Nature

Enjoy our garden all year round with green flora, well equipped bar, coffee and tea making facilities and a fridge. Enclosed and heated in the winter, air conditioned and shaded in the summer, it is an ideal setting for a family get together, dining, having drinks or spending time with friends.

The Natural Pool

Where the farm animals’ water trough used to be we reconstructed a natural pool assembled from locally sourced lava stones and river pebbles. Cool and crystal clear fresh water flow into the pool straight from Rosh Pina’s springs.


A large wine barrel in the courtyard opens up to… a dry Finnish sauna. The sauna was built with original Canadian wood and it reaches 83 degrees Celsius. The combination of the vapours and the wood generates wonderful aromas; it cleanses the skin and flushes toxins whilst enhancing mind and body relaxation.

The Spa Jacuzzi

Between the natural pool and the hall, under the blue sky, there lies a huge Jacuzzi that regularly bubbles away at 39 degrees Celsius. You are invited to have a warm currents message any time of the day.

Art in the Courtyard

Tens of years of collecting art and exploring the world filled Pina Balev’s courtyard with pieces of art, statues, pottery wooden metal stone and primitive art pieces imported from all over the world.  Art to inspire one to find total relaxation.


Please note: to reserve Pina Balev’s mansion in its entirety we recommend booking at least one month in advance to avoid disappointment.

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